Crisis & Wellness Concerns

Student well-being is a shared priority across this institution. While OSAS is not a 24hr emergency response center, we do work closely with a number of immediate response resources on campus to support students connected with our office. There are numerous resources available at USC to support students who are feeling the need for immediate support in relation to their health, safety or well-being.

Any member of the USC community, including friends and families, may make use of these resources on behalf of a student they feel is experiencing heightened distress or crisis.

Health Leave of Absence

The purpose of the Voluntary Health Leave of Absence (VHLA) is to provide students time away from school for treatment of a physical or mental health condition that impairs a student’s ability to function safely and successfully as a member of our community.  The authority to grant a VHLA and permission to return from a VHLA resides with the university’s Health Leave Coordinator (HLC) in consultation with the student’s academic unit, treatment providers and relevant campus partners, as needed. The Health Leave Coordinator aims to support the student through the process, providing information about guidance about the tasks associated with a health leave and helping the student to develop and implement a plan that will facilitate their recovery and return to school.

Sexual Assault & Survivor Support

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services provides immediate therapy services for situations related to gender- and power-based harm (e.g., sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking). All services are confidential.

Student Health Center & Mental Health and Counseling Services

Resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support students in medical, mental health, sexual assault, and other health-related needs.

Trojans Care for Trojans Report (TC4T)

This is an initiative within the Office of Campus Wellness and Crisis Intervention that empowers USC students, faculty and staff to take action when they are concerned about a fellow Trojan challenged with personal difficulties. The TC4T report is both private and anonymous.

The Haven

The Haven at College was created to help students struggling with mental health and substance use challenges have a successful and safe college experience.

USC Campus Support and Intervention

(*Support and Intervention manages Health Leaves of Absence for students*)
USC Support & Intervention (USCSI) is an office within Campus Wellbeing and Crisis Intervention. They are a team of professionals here to assist students, faculty, and staff in navigating complex issues. Whether you are here seeking support for yourself or someone else, team members are available to help you problem solve, understand options, and connect with resources. Please note that we are not an emergency resource and are not available 24/7.