Faculty Overview

OSAS is pleased to partner with faculty, instructors, TAs, and other academic contacts across the University to help ensure students with disabilities receive non-discriminatory, equal access to the learning environment and the academic and programmatic experiences. This work is a true collaborative responsibility across all members of the University.

The About OSAS section of this site has a number of additional helpful resources.  We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to review:

  • Disability 101 for a foundational background regarding disability-related laws and legal obligations for all members of the University.
  • Our Purpose and Practice for a better understanding of the charge and mission of OSAS, as well as our standards for practice and communication with our colleagues and partners.
  • OSAS Outreach and Education for the opportunity to schedule informational meetings or group trainings with OSAS staff.

Additionally, the following chart provides a high-level overview of Roles, Rights & Responsibilities held by faculty/instructors/staff, students, and OSAS.