Alternative format accommodations take traditional print materials and ensures equitable access by converting to a variety of formats, including but not limited to, E-text, PDFs, Audio Books/MP3’s, or Braille.  The Alternative Format Accommodation is based on an individualized interactive process and depend on the nature and impact of symptoms on a case-by-case basis.  Preferred alternative formats are provided when possible.

There are a number of processes as well as a variety of resources involved in processing Alt Format requests.  Because of this, it is in the student’s best interest to request their materials as far in advance of the term starting as possible.  We generally ask that students give OSAS at least 2-4 weeks for completing the requests.

For students approved for this accommodation, please follow the steps outlined below or in the How to Request Alternative Format Textbooks handout when you are ready to request your alternative format materials.

Students are notified via email when materials are converted and are ready to access.  Materials are accessed through the Alternative Format section of MyOSAS, by clicking “download book.”

Available Alternative Formats

  • Accessible PDF
  • Bookshare
  • Braille
  • E-Pub
  • Kurzweil (text-to-speech reader)
  • Learning Ally
  • Microsoft Word (Doc)
  • MP3
  • Other: should be discussed with the Assistive Technology/Alternative Format Specialist

Important note: If a professor assigns additional texts, handouts, or other materials that are not originally listed in the syllabus, students have options for converting these materials.

  • Option 1: Convert the materials on your own by using SensusAccess (available on this website).
  • Option 2: Request OSAS convert the materials, by requesting through MyOSAS. Please submit this request within the Alternative Format module, under the Additional Book or Reading Materials.
  • Option 3 (for Handouts): Email an attachment of the handout to and ask for your preferred format.  Requests will be completed as quickly as possible, generally prioritized on a first-come-first served basis. Please allow sufficient time for OSAS to convert the materials.

Google Drive for Textbooks: OSAS has transitioned to accessing your textbooks through Kurzweil 3000’s Google Drive option. This will allow you to take your textbooks with you on the go using any app that syncs with your Google Drive account. If you have not received your Google Drive Shared Folder, please contact to enable access to your textbook. Please review the How to Use Google Drive for Textbooks handout for more information.

Please contact OSAS’ Alternative Format Services Specialist for assistance, with any questions or with concerns: or 213-740-0776.


Instructions for Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 gives all learners the tools that help them unlock their potential. Download the instructions for installing and using Kurzweil 3000 below.